Get rich fast scheme – is it really? Another opinion…

I probably don’t even have to make an article about this: you can see it all over the place. Simply type in Google things like “get rich fast” or “work from home, earn quick money” or anything related to that, and rest assured you will get hundreds (if not thousands) of similar offers. But even on TV you see so many commercials of special education that will make you think like the rich people do, and operate businesses the way successful business people do. There are many so called Universities that teach you the tricks and everything about the game so that you become rich. Trump University is an example. I’m not going to debate whether this was actually beneficial for the students, or it was kind of a rip off. The facts are out there, and frankly, depending on your political preference you will accept one of two opinions.


Are all these sources necessarily bad? No! Absolutely not. In today’s world there are actually many ways to make money from home, or make passive income. The “quick” part of it though is the misleading part. Honestly, I believe anyone can become rich if they work hard enough. I ain’t talking about working a 9 to 5. I’m talking about working to improve your position every single day. You will never get rich with a paycheck. Which is why medical doctors aren’t considered to be rich. You can be well off or live comfortably, but that doesn’t mean you are rich. No one can be rich with a paycheck, simply because the employer is always going to make more (and that’s how it should be.) Even if you look at high caliber CEO’s, they don’t just get a salary of a few million/year. They also get stock options and stakes in the company so that if they push the company forward, they actually get a much larger chunk from the action. So in this paragraph, what you need to keep in mind is that you won’t ever ever get rich and even live comfortably (in most cases) by working a job. And so I don’t get misunderstood: I ain’t saying don’t work. I am not saying don’t make money for you and your family. If you don’t work and you are a lazy person, then you should be ashamed of yourself for throwing your opportunities out the window. What I am saying though is, don’t stick to that job for the rest of your life. Improve yourself, evolve. If you are blessed at some point, become a business owner – not a staff member. Because if you are always dependent on that paycheck coming, rest assured you will find your sorry behinds on the streets after some disaster in the company takes place (or worldwide like in 2008.)

Robert Kiyosaki says it a lot better. Did you know that if you are a business owner you pay about 15% in taxes, and if you are an investor you pay 0%? You heard it well. And I ain’t talking about no Trump tax deduction or new policy that you haven’t heard of. Business owners will always find a way to justify expenses so that the revenue seems lower than it actually is. Each business is given some estimated space in expenses. For example you can say that you spent a few thousand dollars on advertising, even though you may have not. If business owners are smart about what they say in those tax documents, they can get away with a truck load of cash. Investors pay 0% because they take much larger losses. So it’s much easier to not pay a single dime in a year, if you’ve lost a few million last year. How do you think Donald Trump avoided paying federal tax? He was down 1 billion at some point (in his bad years) and that loss was calculated for the following years and was enough for him to not pay taxes. Ask me, that is very fair and it’s a smart move from the government. Like it or not, the world is dependent on the rich. They supply you with jobs, and any wealth you carry is because of rich(er) people. So allowing more money in the pockets of the rich, will allow more plants to be built (in the corporate world) or more business locations to open up, which will then hire more people. The US government, as much as you may resent it, has actually put in a bunch of laws that allow the capitalistic machine to stay always oiled. Which is why capitalist countries perform the best (worldwide.) Free markets create free people. So don’t hate on the rich: they pay your bills. 

Getting over this poverty-rich endless debate that I so much dislike because of the ignorant people that don’t understand money, I just want to give you hope by saying that in America, everyone who really wants to, can become rich. And when I say rich, I don’t mean just money. I mean being successful. Take it from someone who has spent a large amount of his life overseas: If you can’t make it in America, you can’t make it anywhere. The US is the easiest place for you to succeed. Get off your fat behinds, put one foot in front of the other and start working for a future you will be proud of. Get some self respect and build your confidence levels. Stop waiting for government to save your problems, ’cause guess what: they won’t and they shouldn’t. It’s your duty to take care of yourself and family.

And to close the discussion on advertisements that promise you to teach the ins and outs of business or making a lot of money: most of them are misleading and will rip you off. Yet, there are some golden ones that if you are able to find, will make you very wealthy. But all of this needs to be followed by hard-work. If you are looking for an easy way to make money, go beg on the streets of New York City or wait for the next government handout. Life is tough, and it’s tougher if you’re stupid (John Wayne.) Be smart with your life, take advantage of every opportunity you get but most importantly create opportunity for you and your loved ones. Create a life you will be proud of and a life that you built yourself. Through the sweat of thy brow, shall you succeed in this life.

God bless!


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