Being ignored by others can be tough!

In this article, what I want to do is try and get into the topic of noise around us that takes place very often. What I mean by that, is people discouraging our efforts, ignoring our hard work or under evaluating our results. This happens to everyone here and there. No matter how high you are on the pyramid of success, you will get such behavior very very often. In fact, no one that got to the top of their industry can say that they didn’t face similar incidents. The common re probation and similar behavior can often “hit” you pretty harshly.


So how does one cope with all this? Doesn’t it make you furious? It probably will make you furious and the first few times you come across such behavior,  you will be seeking for help and no one will be providing you with it. These types of behavior won’t take place from people that are necessarily in other company setups or other walks of life. Very often, it’s the people you know best. It’s the people that you are probably competing with. Think about it: Why would anyone try to take you down? Why would anyone want to take down any other human being? To take their place, obviously. It’s a nerve racking game played by people, hoping that you some time burst and lose control of your situation. And as I said earlier, everyone has come across such behavior at some point in their lifetime. High caliber CEO’s take such heat all the time. And it’s even worse when you get such discouraging behavior from your peers. It makes you feel an emotion in the sense of “I’m going to show them.” It really angers you and makes you want to prove them wrong, just to rub it in their face. But after (if or when) you achieve it, you will notice that it doesn’t feel good. You come on top, everyone understands now who you are and how great you are with your accomplishment. But you will end up feeling the same. The need to rub it in their face won’t be there, because you did it.

See, the only reason you want to rub it in their face, is because you haven’t achieved it yet and you want yourself to feel good about it too. When you actually make it, it doesn’t feel special at all. Just another normal. Message of this story? Don’t work to show yourself off to others or prove you are something. Because even when you become successful, then you will hear discouraging things like “he cheated his way to the top” or “he was just so lucky that someone promoted him” and this goes on and on. So the real reason you should want to get out of bed every morning and keep on pushing, is for yourself. For your own personal satisfaction. I promise you, that no matter if you become the president of the United States, no one will ever give you a good comforting word that makes you feel special. In order to become president, 50% of the people can hate you. If 50% of the US population hates you, you can become president. Isn’t that funny? It sure is! Because when you actually make it (in anything) you can laugh inside of you so loudly, and you won’t have any need to satisfy the discouraging idiots that were messing with you before. You need to be self sufficient. Please do not go out there trying to prove yourself to someone else or to try and prove yourself to someone watching. They will never say a good word about you. Many times, not even your family members will do that. You are born alone and you will die alone. It’s as simple as that. The sooner you understand that, the happier you will be. You can’t please everyone, and especially when it comes to jealousy, there is plenty of it in this world. So bottom line (and my advice) would be that you work really hard for yourself. Do it to please yourself. And when you feel you need to discourage yourself, then you can be a judge of your own. You don’t need other people’s opinions because quite frankly, those aren’t honest opinions.

Make sure what you are doing is done for you and you only. Don’t try to please people watching, you will never ever please them. I’m pretty sure though that at some point you will be able to please yourself and feel successful. Do it for you, do it for your pride and your personal satisfaction. Ignore all the background noise. 

I hope this short message was enough to motivate you to keep on going. You create your destiny as I have mentioned before, and you should be doing everything you do, for your own self and good only. Until I see you again, stay safe and with your head high!

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