It’s all about your sales personality…

This article will be discussing the importance of having very good sales skills in your daily life, in order to be able to prosper and do well in both life and business. What I mean by that, really ties into what I’ve said elsewhere, which has to do with being very confident and having high levels of self esteem. The first thing you need to try and understand is that no one will promote you more, than you will personally. No one will care for you, as much as you care for yourself. In other words, if you don’t do the promotion, who do you think will? The obvious answer is nobody!


Because of the nature of my job, I get to meet pretty interesting people and I tend to hang out with the sales geniuses so that I improve my sales skills too. So over the years (done lots of travelling) I have maintained certain business relationships with such people. The most memorable is the one I’ve maintained with a buddy of mine who offers the greatest limo service Columbia, South Carolina can offer. I mean you can’t get any better than him. And I am not talking just about limousines. I’m talking about his approach to the sales calls, closing a deal and being able to serve the customers well to get excellent reviews. From beginning ’til end he is your perfect sales person. I was able to chat with him back in the day to answer the question “how do you do it?” How does one become very good in that aspect of the business? 

His answer was pretty clear and it was confidence. He explained further that it isn’t just personal confidence of closing a deal. He is more confident in his team and company, than anything else. He knew that from the minute he got the client’s payment information on the phone, his drivers would be delivering significant services. That helped him remain calm, polite and efficient in his calls.

The funny thing is, that I have received similar answers to the above question, even from successful executives in their top performing companies. The question was shifted more towards the “how do you remain calm and confident” part. And again the answer I got was that when you have an amazing team of hard working people, everyone supports everyone. So even if you slip and fall some point along the way, you still got others to lift you up. This is very strong! This is very important. We all have to understand that we can’t do everything on our own. No matter how selfish we want to be, at some point we will acknowledge that we need the partnerships and help from others. So whether you are running a small team, a larger group of people or you are on your own, there are 2 things to remember:

  • Be confident and that confidence will transfer over to the other end of the line.
  • Try and have situations or people that make you feel more secure.

Even if confidence isn’t your “thing” fake it. That’s right! Do you believe that everyone you see on TV is actually calm that very moment when a special report is being made or when someone appears as a guest? I have been a guest on TV shows, and believe me when I say that it’s uncomfortable. You have to fake it though in order to make it. You can’t go on public television and look like you are afraid of your own shadow. Not only will that be bad to watch, but it also won’t be very respectful towards yourself. You need go understand that in all means, you need to get out there and make yourself heard. I don’t care what loops you have to jump through. You need to be marketing yourself every single day. And if you personally aren’t branded and it’s a company, then promote the company. Always make sure everyone knows all you are about. When you get that rare opportunity to shine, grasp it and make it work. I believe in a lifetime, there is a specific number of  “shots” one is given. As the old saying goes “the harder you work the luckier you get.” However when that opportunity arrives, you need to be prepared. You need to be able to snap out of any trance you are in, and take advantage of it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: No one will promote you or help you get further in life. Only you care enough about yourself to do so. So please, do care about yourself as your life matters. You aren’t living someone else’s life. You are living your life, and you are building your opportunities. So try and respect that. Try and understand that you are that important person, people should be talking about.

Finally I just want to say that confidence and being a good sales person, really relies on mindset: Everything we just talked about has to do with the way you are “wired.” If your mindset is off, then you won’t be performing well. Having confidence is a matter of mindset and ultimately being a good sales person is a matter of mindset. If you get your mind to cooperate, you will be marching your way to the finish line. But if you let fear and other similar emotions take over, then you are going to be a slave to your own mind. Try and control the way you think. If you believe you have been “wired” differently (because of different culture for example) try to change it. Try to improve the way you think and perceive things. You will never be perfect, so don’t wait for that perfect moment to start working on improving yourself. Keep pushing every single day, and always think of what’s best for you. What will benefit you the most and what will push you forward, should be the kind of things you should pursue.

That’s all I got for all you great folks! By the way, I really appreciate you reading my blogs. I am trying to get into the articles as many different topics possible to cover everything that may concern you. If you have any questions, just let me know. I always enjoy hearing from you and your feedback is greatly appreciated it. See you in upcoming posts.


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