What is your purpose? Why do you do what you do?

why-questionMany times I have met with people in high executive positions, and the question I like asking the most is: Why are you doing what you’re doing? It doesn’t matter what your occupation is. You could be a window tint professional for all I know. But why are you doing what you do with such passion? What drives you and helps you get up at the crack of dawn?

These are some of the questions that everyone should spend the time and try to answer. No one want’s to “go” known as the greatest window tinter out there, or the best executive in a company’s history etc. There is much more below the thirst for success and personal satisfaction. Since I mentioned satisfaction: What satisfies you?

I’m not going to keep on asking questions ’cause I know it will get tiring for all you people reading. But the point I’m trying to make is that you should have a real understanding of the reasons contributing to what you do. Unlocking this piece of truth within you, will help you to stay focused when you hit rough times and you are looking for a shoulder to cry on. It’s going to help you get through tough situations, because you will have a purpose you are looking forward to. So I encourage you all reading now, to sit down later before you go to bed and give this “why” question some thought.

Many people respond to my question: “I want to be extremely successful and live a comfortable life that will benefit my family and provide opportunities.” But again, the same question should be asked which is “why?” You probably know that even if you aren’t the #1 person in success metrics, you’ll probably still be able to support your family and feel proud enough to look yourself in the mirror. So what helps you (emotionally and psychologically) go that extra mile? All professionals obviously work their jobs for the sake of the dollar – to make money, and in fact many people have set in their minds “money” being a very important factor to aim for. I know for myself that I enjoy money and the whole aspect of earning it. But the same question should be asked here. Let’s say you get filthy rich, and you still want to work and make more money, what is the reason you’re doing that? I know my reasoning and I have heard to some interesting reasons. So I urge you to find the one that makes sense to you.

This post will be kept short (unlike the last oneĀ ) because I wanted to provide some food for thought. I should probably call it “questions for thought.” I really want you to spend the time to try and answer these foundation based questions so that you understand deep inside your purpose. This will help you as I mentioned earlier to be more focused, more determined and will give you a clearer vision in regards to the life you want to lead. As you probably noticed, I didn’t explain my reasoning for everything I do (intentionally.) I consider it to be something personal and I don’t feel comfortable sharing it with the world. However if you do want to discuss about it or try and answer your questions on this, send me an e-mail and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I always enjoy reading your messages.

Take care!

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