I Have A Good Job But I’m Getting Bombarded With Cryptocurrency Headlines…

First of all, this title is something that matches perfectly what most people are thinking about but especially you. You wake up at 7 AM to get ready to go to work at 9 and sweat ’till 5 PM. Then you go back home, where you prepare dinner.

At some point though –  when turning on the TV or logging into your Facebook account – you will read about people that are spending a huge amount of time trading cryptocurrencies. And some (if not many) of your friends are probably making good money too, doing so! So what is the case with this whole crypto evolution? Should you quit your job?

In short: hell no!

Right now, cryptocurrencies are experiencing this moment of utopia where everything is pretty. Everyone seems to be making some money (more or less) trading coins at under $1 or even the big leader: bitcoin. There was a statistic research paper some place that suggested that the correlation between the google searches for cryptocurrencies and crypto investing, is like almost 1/1. So what’s my point: right now more people are climbing in, because Tim the next door neighbor pulled in a $3,000 check last month trading cryptocurrencies. Then you have Janet, a stay at home mom that is juggling child responsibilities and making a few hundred bucks off of cryptocurrencies.

I am not the one to say “IT’S A BUBBLE!” or crap like that. But all I’m saying is, when you have a coin trading at 0.01 (or less sometimes) and you put even a few $ into it, then with the huge percentage returns, people can pull in “huge” money. A lot of those penny crypto coins, are junk and a pure pump and dump.

Personally, I would say: DO NOT quit your job, and maybe in your spare time, start looking into ICOs. Learn how you can have a leg up in the competition. Here’s one ICO you can start with: https://rentberry.cryptonomos.com/

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