ICOs VS Trade The Market

That is the question…

To trade or not to trade?

According so some friends of mine, trading= gambling while buying into token sales= investment

Well…for me, anyway you look at it, there is risk. I don’t know that I would call all trading gambling and I don’t know that I would call all token buys in the pre-market phase, investing. There are a handful of good coins trading in the market right now, and a TON of junk ICOs that are nothing more than pyramid schemes or scams.

The difference with buying into ICOs – like I have mentioned before – is that you get to have a percentage discount on the price you pay. So if you have let’s say the BERRY token (Rentberry’s token) that is currently worth $0.30 then by buying now (versus when it hits the exchanges) you can buy it for $0.22/BERRY (for example.)

So it allows to save up more capital to “invest” elsewhere, or just buy more tokens.

I did not mention Rentberry again by accident. It is a very prominent ICO that promises to give a huge plastic lift to the face of long term home rentals. They are quite ambitious too! Company was founded in 2015 but are looking to scale out worldwide in 2018! (https://rentberry.cryptonomos.com/)

Their CEO and co-founder Alex Lubinski has a drive like you’ve never seen before, and a determination to succeed, no matter what.

Although the reason we created this blogging platform was to help people with their jobs, we feel like we can’t just not mention something that could potentially make for a good investment. We do not guarantee profits or losses for buying into the Rentberry token sale, but we will say this: if you get it now, you can get a 20% bonus!



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