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Who said face lifts take place just in Beverly Hills?

Our economic system is going through an incredible transformation. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for some time, you will have heard about bitcoin & cryptocurrencies in general. Central Banks seem to be panicking slightly, since a lot of money is being decentralized and used in very service specific platforms. There is tokenization of almost everything: from oil to education, from finances to healthcare, from real estate to food preparation and everything in between.

Pretty much, any niche you can think of, has some kind of a company trying to insert blockchain technology to better the lives of millions (or even billions) of people worldwide.

In this article, we will talk about one of my favorite ICOs, Rentberry. It’s a platform used for long term home rentals, by both tenants and landlords. Basically, tenants can pay their rent online, while landlords can use those funds to take care of upgrades and maintenance projects for their properties (by hiring contractors through the platform.) Although that leg is still to be developed, currently tenants are paying their rent via the Rentberry platform.

But what about it’s token sale you will ask. What about it? They have already raised millions and are seeking to hit their hard cap ($30 million.) People have been climbing in and putting money into the ICO from pretty much any country you can think of (except for North Korea.) Way before the token sale, they had already raised $4 million from private investors and institutions from over 10 countries. So yes…there is something special about this company.

How can someone profit from Rentberry? Well…for one, just like in any other ICO: you are hoping that the price of the coin will go up after it hits the exchanges. You are hopping that those 100 tokens you bought, will be worth 10X when traded on the top exchanges. Here’s the good news with Rentberry: you can make money through this “traditional” method or even by crowdsourcing the security deposits with the BERRY tokens you have purchased. You can expect roughly 5% annual returns on that investment. So guess what! You’ll get more than what your bank pays you, to keep money stuffed in a savings account.

I definitely recommend you to read up on Rentberry and even better: participate in the ICO. Here’s a link with all the information you could possibly need:

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