Rentberry goes long…

What is the difference between Airbnb and Rentberry? Or Craigslist and Rentberry?

Basically, why should someone consider using Rentberry as an online home rental platform?

Well for one…it’s the only platform for long term home rentals. Literally! As crazy as it may sound, there is no sound (see what I did there?) platform that allows for tenants and landlords to connect, in the way Rentberry does. Especially when we talk about using blockchain technology for a decentralized experience.

Rentberry is a company based in San Francisco with over 20 full time employees (they are hiring by the way) that has grown at a massive rate to have now over 120,000 users on the platform. With trillions sitting in bank accounts and $500 billion being locked up in rental security deposits, they are looking to connect investors with tenants. Tenants will just 10% of the security deposit, and token holders will fun the remaining 90% with rewards in returns (5% annual returns.)

So, Rentberry is really a real estate platform, an investment vehicle and even plans to be a utility expenses payment platform (closer to 2019-2020.) Moreover, Rentberry isn’t basing anything just on words and map plans. They actually have a proven product with hundreds of thousands of users. Which is why it looks like such an interesting option for people that lust ICOs and innovation.

Also, from an investor’s point of view, Rentberry is the only one (among all real estate platforms) anyone can buy into in some form. Airbnb has been rumored to be eyeing an IPO at some point and entering the stock market. But at this moment in time, there is no real estate platform that allows for people to trade some kind of asset, or make any kind of investment. You would need to be a San Francisco investor to buy into Airbnb or some of the other platforms. With Rentberry, the average Joe can buy a few coins (+ get a bonus) and hold for as long as he wants.

Flexibility & variation I think are the best words to describe Rentberry.

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