A few options for Rentberry investors

Hey everyone!

So, this blog will talk about the different ways people can gain – financially – through Rentberry. We are going to breakdown the exact rewards programs and every possible way to earn money, piggy banking on Rentberry.

Token Sale

Currently, and until February 28, anyone can buy into the token sale that is now live on the platform (https://rentberry.cryptonomos.com/) and of course there are different bonus programs depending on how early or how late you participate. Since I’m more interested in talking about the non obvious ways of making money with Rentberry, I’ll cut the token sale discussion short and just tell you to read about the rest in their White Paper.

Bounty Program

Any ICO has a bounty program for people that care to spread the message about Rentberry. The most common way to earn tokens, is by doing some kind of social media work, translating the White Paper and little things like that. If you have a good size followers base on Twitter, you can expect to earn between 5 – 15 BERRY tokens, depending on the number of followers. The same thing goes for the Facebook profiles. Rentberry really cares about communities and getting your friends to read about the importance of this company, can be a well rewarding process.


As this isn’t something that is currently available for you, I have left this last. Rentberry will allow for investors to fund 90% of the rental security deposits for tenants while expecting a 5% annual return on the money they invest. The rewards system will be all based on the platform, and the currency used will be the BERRY token. Although you cna’t really make money of this option quite yet, you can start buying your tokens now, which are cheap, considering the eventual price their token will hit in the future.

So there you have it…3 ways to monetize and gain from a platform like Rentberry!

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