Investing VS Gambling In Cryptos

Join any Facebook group about cryptocurrencies, and you’ll get a ton of debates/arguments discussing whether trading cryptos is a gambling game or an investment game. Either way, I’m not a big fan of trading, so today we will discuss an investment option that is a little bit more concrete, and definitely allows you to enter a low risk/high reward system (compared to trading cryptocurrencies.)

I’m not talking about something you don’t already know: I’m referring to ICOs

Although that is the birth of any token, the average person will go to some exchange, put their money on “black” close their eyes and hope for the best. There are a lot of average people though, that are more sophisticated and decide to give a company attention, right at the “birth bed” – when the tokens are first being sold WAY before the exchanges.

Buying at the beginning will guarantee a higher price and gain initially, since for the most part there are discounts given to the initial token buyers. Whether that price will die off though or skyrocket, that is something completely dependent on the quality of the company, token usability etc. But the same thing goes for trading cryptocurrencies. As pump and dumps are way too common, if you just buy into an “idea” and hype, you may be the one holding the bag.

I think ICOs are the best way to get involved¬†¬†with a company that has a concrete business plan. That is because if you wait until it’s being traded, you may not get there in time for a good price and may pay a premium. A solid company will trade like crazy, just because there are a lot of lower quality startups and cryptocurrencies. So if you are sure about the future of an ICO and don’t want to wait forever, consider jumping in right now!

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