How To Participate In My Favorite ICO

Today I’m going to talk about my favorite ICO at the moment – Rentberry. If you are a dedicated viewer of this blog, you will have followed my thought process in evaluating Rentberry as an ICO. If not…here’s your chance!

First things first: how much does a BERRY token cost? Currently right this moment, the exchange rate is:
1 ETH —> 2,500 BERRY

You can buy BERRY tokens via the platform using either Bitcoin or Ethereum. However the evaluation is based on above rate.

Doing so, you are able to reap some interesting bonuses. It started offering 33% bonus on the token purchases, while now (depending on when you read this article) it’s at between 7-20%.

For the whales in our group, know that you can buy upward of $50,000 worth of BERRY tokens and get extreme rewards (up to 80%) with $50k being the minimum check you cut.

Before you decide to buy the token, I recommend you do your due diligence. Be a responsible individual and read the White Paper more than you’ve ever read any book in your life time. You can find the White Paper and other information on Rentberry here:

When buying the BERRY token using ETH or Bitcoin, you will see the amount in your Cryptonomos account. Note that you can not transfer, nor trade the token until the end of the ICO (when BERRY will officially be released in your wallet.) You also do not need to be an accredited investor in order to participate in the token sale.

Some final rules are: you can’t live in North Korea at the time of the token purchase (I’m pretty sure most of you don’t fit that demographic anyways) but you also can’t buy if you live in New York state (so tell your cousin that owes you a favor to buy for himself, but you yourself…nope.)


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