About Tony

It’s the time when I get to introduce myself – brag about myself – talk about myself all day. I’m obviously kidding. I am not your typical egomaniac who loves the sound of their own voice (in fact, I think I maybe do.) Anyway, I’ll try to not be arrogant when I’m writing my posts, since this is all about you. I really do mean this, and all kidding aside, I really want to provide you with the best information out there so that you can apply it today!

There isn’t much to say about me. I’m a lonely 45 year old success coach, life coach and business coach. I have worked with large institutions and corporations and have even managed executive teams. My whole purpose in what I do, is to bring up that golden thing that you are hiding inside. I believe everyone has some kind of jewel to offer. The sooner he discovers it, then happier he will be and the more blessed the people around him will be. So in some way, I guess I’m a gold miner. I look for value in each and every human. I see many times people throwing their beautiful lives out the window, missing opportunities and sitting back in their lazy rocking chair. I don’t like that, I despise that. I want to make a difference and change all this.

This is why I’m doing this: I want to be able to communicate with people that have reached their full God given potential. It’s a pity for someone to have the abilities to reach the stars, but simply settles on a small mountain. I want to show you the mountain of opportunity you have in front of you. You will be able to use that mountain as a base, to climb up higher. Ultimate, you will reach your own star(s).

Hope to get to meet you all! And if you ever want to hit me up with a message, do so.

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