Failed, but got back up there!

dogIn a previous post I made, I talked firmly about the importance of believing in yourself and that you can make things happen. I explained how important it is to understand, that you will only get ahead if you help yourself. You can only succeed in this life, through your effort and your activities. No one else is going to push you to the finish line. You have to create your own destiny and you are the only one that will make sure you succeed.

What happens when we fail though? When we have been working hard, but yet something unexpected happens that shatters all our good effort and makes things difficult for the upcoming days. What should or attitude be towards those incidents? Personally I think it’s pretty simple: pick up yourself from the floor, dust yourself off and get back on that horse. It really is that simple in theory, and it should be easy in practice as well. That is because after you lose, you are given again the opportunity to do something. Failure, is really opportunity. An opportunity to take another shot. Understand this: when you hit the ground, you have nothing to lose. When you fail, you have nothing else to lose since you lost it. So all you have to do is get back up, and give it your best. You really don’t have anything to lose. Take as an example companies and individuals that file for¬†bankruptcy. They are protected by law, and they have plenty more chances to make it right. You are blessed to live in the greatest country in the world, and now other countries also have such laws in place that allow you to make mistakes. You need to understand, that in life you will make mistakes. If you don’t make any, it means you didn’t really try anything (Einstein.) Unfortunately in school we are taught to not make mistakes and be excellent. Although we rather prefer those situations, we would be naive to think that no one fails. Look at the greatest business people: they fail all the time. Our current president was down $1 billion. That is many “zeros” behind that 1. He is now worth way over $4 billion. And other successful people fail every year. In fact people investing (bankers etc) always lose money. They are just able to make more, and cover their losses. That means they are ready the next day, to go make it happen.

This is what you have to do! You have to make it happen. You will lose sometimes, but if your wins are more than your losses then you win. This is how the game goes. And life/business is really a game. If you haven’t understood it thus far, contact me¬†so I wake you up. Think of monopoly or other board-games. Many times you are wiped out or are just way behind in the game. I’m pretty sure though you have won too! All you need to do, is learn from your past mistake and try to make it better. If you don’t fail, you won’t learn and that I can promise you. I’m not saying pray for failure. But I am saying that anyway you win: If you get what you want, then of course you won. But if you didn’t, then you learned. Either way you benefit. And life is basically a journey of education. That’s why technically the older you get the more experienced and advanced you get. So don’t be afraid to fail. I’m not saying mortgage your house for a fantasy. But I am saying that failure is part of the game. If you lose, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back to work.

I’m not a very great motivational speaker and my intentions with this article aren’t such. I just want to show you a different thinking perspective. The kind of thinking the successful people use and the kind of thinking that will help you succeed. Best of luck and remember: you are the only one who is going to make things happen. No one else (besides God) can take care of you.

See you in upcoming posts!

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